University School of Social Sciences

Gujarat University, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad-380 009.

Phone : +91-79-26308646/2385

                                             Director        :       Dr. Anjana B. Shah

            The School came into existence in June 1954 to promote study, research and dissemination of knowledge in social sciences. The primary activity of the School is teaching and it prepares students for the M.A., M.L.W. (Master of Labour Welfare) and Ph.D. degrees of this University in Economics, History, Labour Welfare, Political Science and Sociology. Instructions and guidance to prepare students for the M.Phil. degree  in Economics, History, Political Science and Sociology are  also provided in the School.

            One of the important activities of the School is research work conducted by the Faculty individually as well as departmentally, organizing seminars, institutes and workshops for faculty improvement and professional services.

Commencing with a staff of one Professor and two Readers in three Departments of Economics, Sociology and Political Science, two more Departments, Labour Welfare and History were added later. The faculty has since grown eight-fold and the student strength has varied from a total of 73 in the year 1954 to 630 in 2006. The School has had many visiting Professors and experts in different fields from India and abroad for its teaching programme as well as special lectures and seminars. Several Seminars, both national and regional, have been organized. Institutes, Refresher Courses and workshops under faculty improvement programmes for teachers of University and affiliated colleges have been conducted, with a view to providing exposure to recent developments and progress in various disciplines. A continuous effort has also been  made to modernize courses of studies in the various subjects to bring them in line with latest development in the fields. Professional services have been rendered by the faculty to Government, industry, research bodies and social organizations.    

Various Departments of the School

                        Department of Economics

         Department of History

         Department of Labour Welfare

         Department of Political Science

         Department of Sociology