Department of Hindi

University School of Languages,

 Gujarat University, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad - 380009.

Phone : +91-79-26302382

Director         :           Prof. Vasantkumar M. Bhatt

Head              :           Prof. Ranjana B. Argade


Brief History

The Hindi Department of Gujarat University is an integral part of University School of Languages, which was established back in 1968.  Dr. Ambashanker Nagar, the founder head of the Hindi Department, a scholar of national stature has contributed richly and uniquely through his distinguished scholarship in the area of medieval and bilingual Gujarati poets who wrote in Braji. Dr. Bholabhai Patel a renowned translator and Professor of Comparative Literature, National Sahitya Academy award winner, both for original and translation work; he has also been awarded the prestigious Emeritus fellowship, was a distinguished faculty of this department.     

Similarly, well-known writer of Gujarati, Central Sahitya Academy award winner, Professor Raghuveer Choudhary, was also a distinguished faculty of this department. Dr Ram Kumar Gupta and Dr M.S.Chouhan were also the distinguished faculties of this department. Dr M.S.Chouhan later became the Pro-Vice Chancellor of North Gujarat University. All these distinguished personalities with their unique vision have helped to shape the department, help it grow and prosper and have enabled the present faculty to further develop the department according to the present day needs.

National Seminars conducted by the Department

1) Shodh sangosthi                                            1980.

2) Soor Panchashati Seminar                              1982.

3) Non Hindi Writers Workshop                           1979.

4) Translation Workshop                                     1993.

Abut more then fifty student’s have submitted their PhD’s to this date. 

Present Scenario

The department provides Ph.D. guidance .We have three Ph.D. guides at present-Dr.Ranjana,Dr. Alok and Dr.Krishna Goswami.

Infrastructure & Facilities

The department uses the common facilities available to the other departments, such as class- rooms, departmental library, reading room, toilets etc. The department has one computer each for every faculty plus two printers. It also has an O H P for presentation purpose.


Looking to the present global situation and job scarcity, the department has started a new one year ‘Post-Graduate Diploma Course in Translation.The Department arranges various lectures by Scholars, various programmes related to literature and literary studies. The Department encourages its students to join the various programmes organized by Ministry of Human Resources, like ‘chart  adhyayan  yatra’, ‘Writers workshop’ etc. The Ministry has selected some 10 to12 students.          

Courses Offered


Course Name                         :     M.A. HINDI

Course Type                           :     Grant-in Aid

Intake                                    :     100 Students

Eligibility                                :     Minimum 55%

Subject Offered                       :     8 papers course in Hindi

Specialization                         :     Paper-7    Translation, Novel Drama, Comparative Literature, Functional Hindi.

                                                   Paper-8          Hazariprasad Dwivedi, Indian Literature,Tulsidas

Duration                                 :     2Years.

Course Commencement          :     June

Admission Process                 :     By Merit.

Fees                                      :     For Boys        Rs-3060/ only (per course)

                                                   For Girls         Rs-660 /only (per course)

                                                   For reserved category candidates different

                                                   Scholarships are available.

Courses Offered at                  :     In the University School Of Languages building.

Future Career Opportunities     :     Teaching job at School& College level, Jobas a translator & Hindi Officer in Central Government Offices.

Course 2

Course Name                     :   M. Phil

Course Type                       :   Grant-in Aid

Intake                                :   16 Students

Eligibility                           :   Minimum 55%

Subject Offered                   :   Paper -1- Research Methodology.

                     Paper-2- Hindi Sahitya Ki Vaicharik Prishthabhomi.

Paper 3- five Research Papers to be submitted (*Medieval   Literature, *Modern Hindi Literature, *Linguistics & Functional Hindi. *Poetics& Literary Criticism

  Paper - 4 Dissertation

Specialization                      :     Nil

Duration                             :   1Year.(For Theory) A total 2 1/2 years for submitting dissertation from the date of Registration.

Course Commencement     :    June(After M.A. -2 results)

Admission Process             :   By Merit.

Fees                                  :   For Boys  Rs-2540/ only per course

                     For Girls   Rs-540/ only per course

                     For reserved category candidates different Scholarships are available.

Courses Offered at              :   In the University School of Languages building.

Future Career                     :   Teaching job at School, College & University level.


Course 3

Course Name                      :     Post-Graduate Diploma in Translation (Hindi, English & Gujarati)

Course Type                        :     Self -Finance

Intake                                 :     Maximum 25 Students

Eligibility                             :     Minimum 50%

Subject Offered                    :     Ten Paper Course (Credit & Grade System)

Specialization                      :     Nil

Duration                              :     1Year.

Course Commencement       :      June

Admission Process              :     By Entrance Test & Interview.

Fees                                   :     Rs.5000/ per course (including Examination Fees)

Courses Offered at               :     In the University School Of Languages building .

Timings                               :     Evening 4-7, Five days a week. 80% attendance


Future Career                      :     Job as a translator in Central & State Government

                                                Offices like Railways, Doordarshan, Prasar Bharti,

                                                N.G.O’s,   Newspaper,  Advertising  Agency etc.

                                                (Knowledge of English essential)


Name                                       :           Dr. (Mrs.) Ranjana Argade

Qualification                            :           M.A., Ph.D.

Designation                             :           Professor & HoD

Areas of Specialization            :          Hindi, Modern Poetry, Translation & Translation Studies, Comparative Literature, Literacy Theory

Contact No.                              :           26302382 (O) 26933608 (R )


Name                                       :           Dr. A. C. Gupta

Qualification                            :           M.A., M.Phil, Ph.D.

Designation                             :           Reader

Areas of Specialization            :          Hindi, Modern Poetry, Comparative Literature, Translation, Modern Short Story

Contact No.                              :           26302382 (O) 23228730 (R )


Name                                       :           Dr. (Ms.) K. M. Goswami

Qualification                            :           M.A., Ph.D.

Designation                             :           Reader

Areas of Specialization            :          Hindi, Medevial Literature

Contact No.                              :           26302382 (O) 55125503 (R )


Name                                       :           Dr. (Ms.) Nisha. T. Rampal

Qualification                            :           M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D.

Designation                             :           Lecturer

Areas of Specialization            :          Hindi, Modern Poetry, Translation

Contact No.                              :           26302382 (O)  27507910 (R )


Name                                       :           Mr. N. T. Gamit

Qualification                            :           M.A.

Designation                             :           Lecturer

Areas of Specialization            :          Hindi

Contact No.                              :           26302382 (O)  9925923835 (M)