Department  of Environment Sciences

University School of Sciences,

Gujarat University,     Navrangpura, Ahmedabad-380 009.

Phone :  +91-79-26301491, Fax : +91-79-26308545

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Director                  :        Prof. M. V. Rao

Co-ordinator          :        Prof. Dr. H. A. Solanki    



Brief History

M.Sc. Environmental  Sciences course came into existence in year 1989 the then  Vice Chancellor Dr. M.N.Desai along with veteran Environmental Scientist Dr. R.N. Mehta who was responsible for initiating Environmental Sciences courses at various educational institutions. Dr. Biharilal Kanaiyalal was persudaded by the then Vice chancellor and Shri Biharibhai was kind enough to donate towards the building of Environmental Science.The Environmental Science course was developed by then faculties of Chemistry, Zoology, Microbiology, Botany department along with Prof. Mehta and other scientists of National Institute of Occupational Health (N.I.OH)  This syllabus of Environmental Science is naturally interdisciplinary with major application of chemistry. Since the inception of the Environmental Science dept the teaching and practical work are being carried out by the faculties of the different departments of School of Sciences viz. Chemistry Microbiology, Zoology & Botany departments. Over and above the involvement of various departments of university , School of Sciences , in day to day teaching the following institutions have extensively cooperated with the Environmental Science course in teaching and dissertation studies.



1.            Ahmedabad Textile Industries Research Association (ATIRA)

2.            Centre for Environment Planning & Technology (CEPT)

3.            Centre for Environment Education (C.E.E)

4.            National Institute of Occupational Health (N.I.O.H)

  Present Scenario:

Right from the beginning of Environment Science course, the course was co-ordinated by the chemistry department  till today as the syllabus has  predominant weightage on chemistry principles & applications.The Environment Science course is of two years duration and the students are admitted to the course on the basis of their performance at degree examination of university and performance at the entrance test conducted by university.  The students with Chemistry, Bio-Chemistry, Microbiology, Botany & Zoology as major subject at their final examinations are eligible to the admitted to the Environmental Science course. One of the special features of the course is that the students have to carry out a dissertation at M.Sc. final year over and above their regular practicals. The dissertations  are carried out under the supervision of the existing faculties of the various departments of school of sciences and following institutions.

1.         Ahmedabad Textile Industries Research Association (ATIRA)

2.         Centre for Environment Planning & Technology (CEPT)

3.         Centre for Environment Education (C.E.E)

4.         National Institute of Occupational Health (N.I.O.H)

            It is also interesting to note that the teachers belonging to Law faculty, Engineering faculty, the Medical Faculty and  Pharmacy faculty are also involved in training of M.Sc Environment Science students.

Infrastructure & Facilities

Department consists three functional class rooms, three M.Sc. Laboratories, One research laboratory and proposed one computer, reading cum Library room.  For basic practical in biological sciences the procurement of good number of minor equipments and few sophisticated equipment is in process. Besides above facilities, Laboratory facilities and faculty of various department of biological Sciences (Biochemistry, Botany, Chemistry, Microbiology, Statistics & Zoology) are conducting theory & practical. Their infrastructures are available for this course. The department has access to the following major equipments available with various department of School of Sciences. The major equipments  are :

1)            FTIR Spectrometer

2)            U.V. Visible Spectrometer

3)            Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer

4)            Electron Microscope

5)            Gas Liquid Chromatography

6)            Polarographic Unit

7)            X-ray diffraction Unit.

The Department is equipped with  a large number of  text books, reference books and  monographs


The Department is being shared with   students of Life-Sciences, Bio-Chemistry and Bio-Technology Departments  also.

Courses Offered:


Course 1

            Course Name                                      : Master  in Environmental Sciences

            Course Type                                       : Grant in Aid

            Intake                                                   : 15 students per year

            Eligibility                                              : Minimum 50% at  B.Sc. in Chemistry,

                                                                          Bio-Chemistry, Microbiology,  Zoology

                                                                          Botany or Environmental Sciences.

            Subject Offered/

           Specialization/Elective                         :Two Semester each year 4 papers and 2 practicals


Duration                                              : Two years (four semester) full time course.

Course Commencement                    :  June

Admission Process                            : By Online Centralizaed System.

Fees                                                    : Grant in Aid     Structure

Opportunity                                         :Different Industries and research  organizations.



Name                                       :           Prof. Dr. Hitesh A. Solanki

Qualification                            :           M.Sc.Ph.D.

Designation                             :           Professor & Coordinator (I/c)

Areas of Specialization            :          Ecology, Environmental Science, Remote Sensing

Contact No.                              :           +91-79-26301491, 26302578 (O)  +91-79-26766711 (R ) +91-9898119766 (M)

E mail                                      : 


Syllabus Papers : Syllabus_MSc_Envi_Sci.pdf



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