Gujarat University Administrative Office





        (A)      Ground Floor



                 Estate Department (Room No. 3)


               Maintenance and construction of University's buildings, roads, tubewells, gardens, etc. Maintenance of electric and telephone installations. Purchase of all related materials, furnitures, office equipments and administration of security services; Allotment of Staff Quarters, Guest House reservation, etc.


University Engineer : Mr. Darshansinh N. Solanki : 26301333
Dy. Engineer ( Civil ) :   :  
Dy. Engineer ( Electrical ): Mr. Shailesh Goswami : 26301333


          Security Services (Room No. 4)


Security Officer : : 26300343
Security Officer : V. M. Vankar : 26300343


              SC/ST Cell (Room No. 6)

               Implementation, monitoring, evaluation and planning of the SC/ST reservation under the policies of the Govt. of Gujarat and the U.G.C. for the University and affiliated colleges. National Scholarship Scheme and Junior/Senior Research Fellowships of U.G.C. and research scholarships from Gujarat State.       

Deputy Registrar : Mr. Rajesh J. Patel : 26300671



               Senate Hall/Green Room (Room No. 10)



               Physical Education Department (Room No. 12/13)


               Sports information, Inter-Collegiate, Inter-Zonal and Inter-University Sports Tournaments, coaching of games, sports facilities, Teaching and administration of M.P.E. Course (Regular and Summer Vacation Courses).


Director : Dr.B. D. Vanar : 26300664


                N.S.S. Section (Room No. 12)


               Co-ordination and administration of various activites organised under N.S.S.. Scheme at affiliated Colleges and Teaching Departments of the University.


Co-ordinator : Dr. Natubhai P. Verma : 65448489


               Youth Welfare Department (Room No. 13)


               Co-ordination, Administration and Organisation of various cultural activities (Dance, Drama, Music, Youth festival) Youth Welfare activities like debate, Extra-mural lectures, Mountaineering, Tracking, NCC Training camps, etc. of University Departments and affiliated colleges.



Asst. Director : Mr. V. K. Chavda : 26300834


              Eligibility (Exam.) Section (Room No. 14)

               Eligibility and Migration Certificates, Enrolment, Equivalance of other examinations, Admission of foreign students



Controller of Examinations : Dr. P. M. Patel : 26301088
Section Officer : Mr.B.C.Parmar : 26300342


               University Staff's Sports Room (Room No. 15-16)

               For Staff recreation indoor games.


              Account and Establishment Section (Room No.18)


               Appointment of Staff, Payments, Salaries, Grants, Budget/Audit, Pension, P.F. Prizes and Medals, Endowment, etc.


Chief Account Officer : Mr. Paresh Patel (I/c) : 26306016
Development Officer: : 26306016
Account Officer: Mr Paresh Patel : 26301341
Account Officer: : 26301341
Cashier cum Section Officer : Mr. R. K. Patel : 26301341
Section Officer: : 26301341
Section Officer: : 26301341


              Publication Sales (Room No. 19)


               Sales of University priced publications such as syllabus, paper-sets, electoral rolls and other relevant publications, forms, etc.


             Cash Collection Counter & Telephone Operator (Room No. 20)

Telephone Operator: Mr.Kanubhai Patel : 26301341/0342/0343


        (B)      First Floor



              Committee Meeting Room (Room No. 21-22)



              Vice-Chancellor's Office (Room No. 23)


Vice-Chancellor: Dr.Himanshu A. Pandya : 26301919 FAX(079)26302654


Vice-Chancellor's Secretarial (Room No. 24)


Asst. Reg cum PS to VC: Mr.M. D. Mankad : 26301919



               Pro-Vice-Chancellor's Office (Room No. 25)




Pro-Vice-Chancellor: : 26303444



               Registrar's Office (Room No. 26)


Registrar: Dr. P. M. Patel (I/c) : 26303762



               Committee Meeting Room (Room No. 27)



           Registrar's Secretarial (Room No. 30)


Stenographer : Mr. Bipin Patel : 26308629



               Dy. Registrar (Academic/PG/General) (Room No. 32)


Dy. Registrar : : 26301079


              Academic Section (Room No. 33)


               Affiliation of  Colleges, Recognised Institutions, recognition of teachers, service conditions of college teachers, their grievances, work load, preparation of courses, formation and related office work of Court (Senate) Executive Council, Academic Council, Faculties, Board of Studies and other statutary committees.



Asst.Registrar : : 26306283
Section Officer : : 26306283
Section Officer : Mr. D. L.Kher : 26306283



               Post-graduate Section (Room No. 35-36)


               Administrative work of University Post-Graduate centres, Registration of all post-graduate Students including M.Phil and Ph.D. students, registration and admission of all Post-Graduate medical and Dental degree/diploma students, recognition of post-graduate teachers.


Section Officer : Mr. R. K. Kadiya : 55444082


               General Section (Room No. 37 & 38)

               Receipt of Posts and Despatch, UGC correspondence, conferences and seminars for teachers, Teachers' Fellowships Scheme, Scholarships and Freeships, Indo-Japan exchange programme, etc.

Section Officer : : 26301341


              Examination Section (Room No. 41 & 42)

Administrative work of various regular and external examinations and declaration of various results, to issue statement of marks, rechecking and reassessment of results, Passing certificates and Diploma/Degree certificates, verification of marks, appointment of examiners, records of University results and Degrees, declaration of prizes and medals for various examinations.


Controller of Examinations : Dr. P. M. Patel : 26308629
Asst.Registrar : : 55444082
Section Officer (Exam pool) : : 26300342
Section Officer (Marksheet) : : 26304930
Section Officer (Result Decl.) : : 26300126