Academic Staff College

(UGC Sponsored Programme)

School of Social Sciences,

Gujarat University, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad – 380009.

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 Director  :  Dr. Jagdish Joshi (I/c)



Brief History

The Academic Staff College, Gujarat University has been working for excellence in higher education since 1987. It helps the lecturers in developing their skills. But there was no communication between lecturers and the college after they complete their courses from the college. It is not possible for them to be aware of the activities of the institution. In nutshell there was communication gap between them. There was no interaction between them. And interaction is the key in great examples of Indian heritage of learning and teaching like Nachiketa and Yama, Janaka and Yagnavalka, Arjuna and Krishna. It is very difficult to develop skills without interaction. So, we were thinking of some bridge between us. And at last the bridge is built. We are launching this journal to overcome this gap and make communication live. It will help you to be with us all the time. We will make you aware about the activities and plans of the college through the journal. It is observed that there are very few journals which provide launching pad to new researches and lecturers of the colleges. We will try to be platform for new researches and college lecturers. As we are living in the age of Knowledge Explosion, it is necessary for every lecturer to make him/herself update about the latest information in the field of education. The journal will help them. The primary function of the Academic Staff College is to lead lecturer towards excellence, hence the title of the journal is “Towards Excellence”. As Oxford Dictionary defines:

The U.G.C., Academic Staff College, Gujarat University was made functional in 1988. It has been working to fulfill basic aims of higher education suggested and expected by U.G.C director. The pioneer director was Prof. Ujamshibhai Kapadia. Prof. Rohitbhai Shukla Prof. A. R. Shah and Dr. A.A. Ahluwalia had worked as I/c Director of the college. Dr. B.M. Brahmbhatt is a director of the college at present.


The Functions of an Academic Staff College will be to plan, organise, implement, monitor and evaluate orientation courses for newly appointed college/university lecturers within the jurisdiction of one or more universities in a state. An ASC will also organise refresher courses for serving teachers, and orientation programmes for senior administrators and heads of department, principals, officers, etc. Specifically, an ASC will:

  1. Formulate a programme of orientation along the broad guidelines given above.
  2. Identify resource persons in various fields of specialisation for running the orientation course and refresher courses, and familiarise such resource persons with the philosophy and guidelines for the courses. The list of resource persons should be approved by the chairman of the advisory committee of ASC.
  3. Set up a documentation-centre-cum-library for reference and source materials necessary for the courses.
  4. Produce specially designed material required for effective implementation of the courses.
  5. Organise, monitor and evaluate courses for teachers
  6. Create a culture of learning and self-improvement among teachers so that it becomes an integral part of the educational system at the tertiary level.
  7. Organise orientation programmes for heads of department, principals, deans and other decision-makers to familiarise them with the philosophy of orientation to facilitate reform in higher education through appropriate modification of the management systems at various levels.
  8. The refresher courses run by the ASC will provide opportunities for teachers in service to exchange experience with their peers and to mutually learn from each other.
  9. Provide a forum for serving teachers to keep themselves abreast of the latest advances in various subjects.
  10. Provide opportunities to further widen their knowledge and to pursue research studies.
  11. Provide an introduction to new methods and innovations in higher education so that the participants can in turn develop their own innovative methods of instruction.

The thrust areas for each refresher course will be decided by the director in consultation with the course coordinator

Principal's Meeting/Workshop for Academic Administrators

Each ASC may organise one or two meetings of principal/heads/deans/officers in a year to:

  1. familiarise them with the philosophy and importance of orientation programmes and refresher courses, and persuade them to depute teachers;
  2. enable them to understand their new roles as supervisors; and
  3. facilitate reform in higher education through appropriate modification of management systems at various levels.

Interaction Programme

Students at Ph.D./post-doctoral levels from the Centre of Advanced Studies/Department of Special Assistance centres may take part in the special interaction programmes to be organised by the RCCs under the RCs scheme. The interaction programmes should be in the form of workshop/seminars only. The duration of this programme should be about three to four weeks. The main focus of this programme will be interaction between Ph.D./post-doctoral scholars and teachers. The number of participants for this programme shall be 15 to 20. This interaction programme may be held once a year.

Expenditure on this interaction programme may be claimed separately and the student participants shall be treated at par with the participants in refresher courses in respect of payment of TA/DA.



Director’s Office in Room No. 21 on Ground Floor.


Dy.Director’s Office in Room No.7  on Ground Floor.


Lecturer’s Office in Room No.43  on Second Floor.


Administrative Office in Room No.54 on Second Floor.


Computer Operator’s Office in Room No.43 on Second Floor.


Library Office in Room No.43  on Second Floor.


We have well equipped class room with latest audio-visual facility.


Our  Hostel

 -- 13 blocks

 -- Separate flat  for resource persons

 -- Capacity of  65  persons

 -- We improved infrastructural facility of A.S.C. hostel with geyser, new furniture, water jugs, blankets and etc.


Computer Lab :

 -- We established Computer Lab. With 24 hours Internet Broad Band  connection. It is Fully Air conditioned well equipped and  the capacity is 40 .

 -- We have L.C.D.Projector,O.H.Projector ,Slide Projector, and sound system for the presentation during  various courses.

 -- The water cooler facility is given from last year for the participant and the staff in front of the lecture room.

 -- We started giving up to dated reading material to the Participants of orientation and refresher courses.

 -- Each staff member is given computer facility and all the computers are connected with Lan.

 -- We prepared one room with A.C.  for the Resource persons / the Guests.

 -- We have started our News Letter /Research journal entitled “ Towards Excellence”.

 -- We provide free boarding and lodging to all the participants.


§  Orientation Programmes

§  Refresher Courses

§  Workshops

§  Seminars

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Name                                       :           Dr. J. S. Joshi

Qualification                            :           M.A., Ph.D.

Designation                             :           Reader

Areas of Specialization            :          English

Contact No.                              :           26302962 (O) 23260969 (R )

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Name                                       :           Dr. C. G. Brahmbhatt

Qualification                            :           M.Sc., B.Ed.

Designation                             :           Lecturer

Areas of Specialization            :          Mathematics

Contact No.                              :           26302962 (O) 27434747 (R )

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