Department of History

University School of Social Science,

Gujarat University, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad 380009.

Phone : +91-79-26308646/2385

                               Director                     Dr. Anjana B. Shah

                               Head              :            Dr. Anjana B. Shah


Brief History

             The Department of History was established in the School of Social Sciences in June 1965. All the former members of the staff   Prof. Dr. R. K.Dharaiya,  Prof. Dr. Markand Mehta, Prof. Dr. R. L. Raval, Prof. Dr. Shirinben Mehta, Prof.Dr.Usha  Bhatt &  Dr. M.R. Patel had the national as well as the international reputation in academic as well as research field. They have established new dimensions in the field of History & they have laid the sound foundation for the development & expansion of the Department.  The present staff in the Department not only maintains this legacy but tries almost to develop it further. History is a very popular subject at I.A.S, G.P.S.C. & such other examination &large numbers of students offer History as their optional subject. So looking to this fact teaching in History & research in History has widened its field to cover up these trends.


Every year the number of students is growing & so the Department of History has become one of   the largest Department in the school of social sciences.


* M.A with entire History.

* M.Phill with History.

* History.

                        The Department of History and the Board of Studies , History , has Revised the curriculum from M.A. as per U.G.C.guideline. In the curriculum the new job oriented optional papers are introduced. Some papers are introduced according to the recent trends of History. Such as social change in Gujarat in the  19th   and  20th  century.Economic History  of  Colonial  India,Business History of India.History of science and Technology in Pre-Colonial India, Application of History in Torism,Women in India etc. All the faculty  members are involved in teaching.Work as well as in research work. The Department provides research guidance for M.Phil dissertation and Ph.D.thesis. and they are encouraged to select their topics at Micro as well as Macro level according to the recent trends of History. All the faculty members by their best to enrich the students learning and research sense by arranging seminars group discussions, workshops and

debates.Some of the faculty members are associated with other universities and academic institutions such as All India Record Commission, Gujarat State Archives, Board of Studies  etc.

                        Research projects have been done by the former and present faculty members.Approx. 18 students have been awarded Ph.D. degree & 16 students have been awarded M.Phil degree during the last five years. The Department encourages the publications of research articles & Books also Approx  29  research papers are published in well-known journals during the last five years. Approx five publications are published by reputed institutions.

                        The Department organized seminars & workshops also. All the faculty members of the teaching staff have participated actively in seminars, workshops and conferences and have read papers at National & State Level during the last five years. Group discussions & Lectures of eminent scholars are arranged occasionally by the Department to develop the research attitude of the students at micro as well as macro level. This arrangement helps students in writing their dissertation for M.Phil degree & thesis for the degree of Ph.D. The Department holds the seminar every week for M.A. & M.Phil students with regard to curriculum. Students are encouraged to participate actively in it. Study tours of Historical places, museums, archieves, Indology are planned by the department. The slides pertaining to Historical facts and aspects are also to be shown to students for the practical knowledge of the subject.

Courses Offered

Course Name :  The post graduate department of the main university campus offers

three  P.G. programs viz.

*  M.A. with entire History.

*  M.Phil with History.

* History.   

Eligibility as per university rule.

Subject Offered :

M.A.P.I                 P-I       :  Historiography,Concept,Methods,and Tools.


From June 2003.     P-II      :  twentieth century World

Group-A.             P-III     :  History of  India (1757 A.D. to 1857 A.D)

                                P-IV     :  History of India  (1858 A.D to 1964 A.D)

M.A.P.II                  P.V      :  Social change in Gujarat in the 19th and 20th century.

                                               (1840A.D. to 1947A.D)

From June 2004      P.VI     :  Economic History of Colonial India.

                                               (1850A.D to1947A.D)


Optional                  P.VI     :  Business History of India(1700-1991A.D)

                                PVII     :  State in India(From proto-states to 1950 A.D)

Optional                  PVII     :  History of science and Technology in Pre-Colonial India.

                                PVIII    :   Application of History in tourism.

Optional                  PVIII    :   Women in Indian History.

M.Phil                    P-I      :   Methodology and Historiography.

                               P-II     :   Freedom movement in India.

                               P-III    :   Social Change in Gujarat.

Duration  :              M.A.   :   Two years.

                               M.Phil :   Two years and six months.

                                               ( for theory papers and dissertation )

Course Commencement   :   June

Admission Process    :   as per university rules.


Name                                       :           Dr. (Mrs.) Anjana B. Shah

Qualification                            :           M.A., Ph.D.

Designation                             :           Professor & HoD

Areas of Specialization            :          Modern India Gandhian era, Social Change in Gujarat, Application of History in Tourism

Contact No.                              :           26302385 (O) 26760208 (R )



Name                                       :           Dr. Abhaykumar Singh

Qualification                            :           M.A., Ph.D.

Designation                             :           Reader

Areas of Specialization            :          Medieval Indian History, Economic History

Contact No.                              :           26302385 (O) 26306106 (R )



Name                                       :           Dr. Arun Vaghela

Qualification                            :           M.A., Ph.D.

Designation                             :           Reader

Areas of Specialization            :          History

Contact No.                              :           26302385 (O)  55450750 (R )



Name                                       :           Dr. Vikesh S. Pandya

Qualification                            :           M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D.

Designation                             :           Lecturer

Areas of Specialization            :          Modern India, Socio-Economic History, World History

Contact No.                              :           26302385 (O) 9427308021 (M)



Name                                       :           Dr. V. B. Yadav

Qualification                            :           M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D.

Designation                             :           Lecturer

Areas of Specialization            :          History

Contact No.                              :           26302385 (O)