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Department of Gujarati

University School of Languages,

Gujarat University, Navarangpura, Ahmedabad-380009

Phone : +91-79-26302382

Director         :             Prof. Vasantkumar M.  Bhatt

Head              :             Dr. Kirtida Shrenik Shah


Brief History

Gujarati Department is an Integral Section of The Gujarat University. It was started-established in the year 1954. This department –section was known as ‘Gujarati Language and Literature’ in the beginning when it was started. Then after gradually other languages were included and introduced. Hence it was named and known as The School of Languages.

            Shree Umashankar Joshi was the first pioneer and head of Gujarati section-department. He was a celebrated well known poet and a critic. He was also awarded ‘Gyanpith Award’ for his Gujarati Poems. He was also honoured by ‘Ranjitram Gold Medal’. He was also the vice-chancellor of The Gujarat University.

Dr. Prabodh Pandit was a famous-known scholar of linguistic science. He was honoured in the year 1967 by Sahitya  Academy Award of Delhi and he had also received Ranjitram Chandrak- award in the year 1973. Pro. Anantrai Raval was a celebrated critic, professor and editor. He was given Ranjitram medal. He was also honoured by Sahitya Academy Award, Delhi in the year 1974.

Dr. Ramanlal Joshi was the critic and editor of Gujarati literature. He was once the president/chairman of The Gujarat Sahitya  Academy. He was honoured by Sahitya  Academy Award Delhi in the year 1984.

He was the Director of College Develpment Council in Gujarat University and was appointed-selected as an Emeritus Professor of/by U.G.C. in the year 1988. He had achieved the status/degree of Emeritus Professor.


            Dr. Dhirubhai Parikh is a poet, critic and short story writer. He had received ‘Kumar Chandrak (medal)’ in the year 1971

Dr. Aniruddha Brahambhatt was a critic and essayist – essay writer.

Dr. Mafat Oza was a critic and editor.

Dr. Shuman Shah then was a critic and editor. He has received the status of emeritus professor.

Dr. Chinu Modi is a poet and critic.

Dr. Kumarpal Desai then was honoured by ‘Padmshree’. His research work is mainly in ‘Madhyakalin’(Midival Age Period) of literature.

Dr. Satish Vyas is a dramatist and critic.

Dr. Prasad Brahambhatt is a critic and also is an editor. Since 2005 he is rendering/offering his services as the Chief Director of Academic Staff College, Gujarat University.

Prof. Keshavram K. Shashtri, Dr. R.U. Jani, Shree Yashvant Shukla, Nagindas Parekh, Dr. Ramprashad Bakhi – all these brilliant professors have rendered/offered their services to this department.

All these distinguished personalities with their unique vision have helped to shape the department, help it grow and prosper and have enabled the present faculty to further develop the department according to present day needs.


(1) Modernism and Comparative Literature                                                1980

(2) A seminar based on Sahitya Works of Rabindranath Tagore                  1985

(3) A Seminar on Munshi Centenary                                                        1989

(4) A Seminar on the literature/Sahitya creation on Pannalal Patel              1990

(5) A Seminar on the literature of the midival ages                                     2003

Infrastructure & Facilities

            The department uses the common facilities available to the other departments – such as class-rooms, departmental library, reading room, toilets etc. The department has one computer each for every faculty plus two printers. It also has an O.H.P. for presentation purpose.


            - The course/syllabus relating to M.Phil. is taught and is in process since 1978.

            - About 70 students have obtained/gained Ph.D. degree up till 2006.

            - About 40 students have got success in M.Phil. Course.

Courses Offered


Course Name                : M.A. Gujarati

Course Type                  : Grant – in Aid

Intake                           : 100 Students

Eligibility                       : Minimum 55%

Subject Offered              : 10 papers course in Gujarati

Specialization                : Paper-7 Comparative Literature, Indian Literature

Duration                        : 2 Years

Course Commencement : June

Admission Process        : By merit

Fees                             : For Boys Rs. 3060 only per course

                                      For Girls Rs. 660 only per course

                                      For reserved category candidates different scholarships are available

Course Offered at          : In the University School of Languages building.

Future Career

Opportunities                 : Teaching job at school & college level job as a translator and proof reader


Course Name                : M.Phil

Course Type                  : Grant-in Aid

Intake                           : 10 students

Eligibility                       : Minimum 55%

Subject Offered              : Paper-1 Research Methodology

                                      Paper-2 Litaroaroy Problems

                                         Paper-3 Litaroaroy Approaches

                                         Paper-4 Dissertation

Specialization                : Nil

Duration                        :1 Year (For Theory) A Total of 2½ years for submitting dissertation          

                                     from the date of registration

Course Commencement  : June (After M.A.-2 results)

Admission Process        : By Merit

Fees                             : For Boys Rs. 2540/- only per course

                                         For Girls Rs. 540/- only per course

                                         For reserved category candidates different scholarships are available

Courses Offered At         : In the University School of Languages building

Future Career

Opportunities                 : Teaching job at School, College & University level


Name                                       :           Dr. (Mrs.) Kirtida S. Shah

Qualification                            :           M.A., Ph.D.

Designation                             :           Professor & HOD

Areas of Specialization            :          Gujarati, Linguistics, Manuscript Editing

Contact No.                              :           26302382 (O) 26305116 (R )


Name                                       :           Mr. C. B. Koli

Qualification                            :           M.A.

Designation                             :           Lecturer

Areas of Specialization            :          Gujarati

Contact No.                              :           26302382 (O)                


Name                                       :           Mr. A. J. Vasava

Qualification                            :           M.A., M.Phil.

Designation                             :           Lecturer

Areas of Specialization            :          Gujarati

Contact No.                              :           26302382 (O)